analysis solutions

Many times we're asked to do an estimate based on a list of needs and wants from a potential client. If the list is fairly simple, we can put together an accurate estimate. However, if the list involves adding complex services (forums, memberships, etc.) and business processes (e-commerce, customer relationship, etc.), then we will recommend to the client that they will be better served by paying for an initial analysis of the project, which will result in a more accurate estimate - often saving the client money in the end.

Why do we suggest this?
Take the example of someone wishing to remodel a kitchen. If the work is simple - for example, only replacing or building new cabinetry, he or she can ask a contractor to come in, look at the space and then give an estimate for the project. However, if the work involves expanding the kitchen by claiming existing space in a dinning room or hall, it would be wise to hire an architect who will first draw-up a plan which can be reviewed and revised before any walls come tumbling down.

When you come to us with your list of needs and wants, we will advise you with regard to the steps that should be taken to see that your project is not only completed, but completed in the best way possible for the best value.

For example...
Our evaluation, analysis, and planning process has helped our client, New York Wine Exchange, to not only get a top of the line e-commerce site at a fraction of the cost it normally would, but has also put them on the path to expand and grow their online initiative.

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