equal temperament

Equal Temperament is the modern musical tuning system on which all western music is based - a system of spacing the chromatic scale into 12 equal steps. It allows music to sound right in any key. Previously instruments were tuned to "pure" intervals based on the overtone series. The problem is that pure intervals don't add up to equally spaced steps, so a chord played in one key sounds beautiful and pure while the same chord played in another key sounds out of tune. At the time that was OK - everybody just played in the keys that sounded good and that was that. Sooner or later someone decided that it was better to space the notes evenly. This meant sacrificing pure intervals for the ability to play in any key - to be able to play chromatically. Modern music was born.

So what does all this mumbo-jumbo have to do with a web development company? Equal Temperament Solutions' founders, Matthew Fries and Michael Sanita, are both musicians and wanted a company name that reflected that interest. We landed on the name (after a slew of bad puns) because we thought it also represented what we wanted to provide for our clients - a chance for each of them to find a place on the internet where they could play in their own key - express themselves - sell a product - talk about what interests them. We strive to find solutions that suit our clients needs, wishes and budget. Wonderful music has been made in every key, and wonderful things are happening on the internet. Let us help you create something special.